About Us

White Haven Emporium’s mission is to supply high-quality, inclusive garments with unparalleled customer service. We want our customers to feel empowered and confident, by embracing their personal style without compromising on affordability or comfort.


What do we mean by inclusive? For a long time the fashion industry has been excluding ladies by only catering to one type of body. We know the real world is a much richer tapestry, hence we stock the PQ Collection Curve range that caters to plus size ladies, and the majority of our other lines suit a variety of body types and shapes to make you feel fabulous at all times.


Our small but mighty team is based out of Brisbane, Australia. WHE is powered by the team at PQ Collection, so all of our styles are designed in house, using textiles from bamboo to rayon to cotton. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure our garments uphold the PQ Collection mantra of high-quality, inclusive, affordable and easy to wear clothing.


We are committed to ensuring that our garments are manufactured ethically. We are in daily contact with our factory in Guangzhou, China which meets Chinese National Standards. Talented workers are paid well above the living wage, given extended break times with meals provided and access to accommodation. The factory is a “green factory” and all materials are recycled where possible.